Children spend most of their time growing up with non-family members. This may either be public or private schools in your neighbourhood. The time children spend in preschools learning amounts to about thirty-six hours every week. Parents are forced as a result of career, and other life calls to enrol their children in daycare centres. This is to allow for them to focus on their lives and besides allow the child to grow with others getting primary education. To ensure your child gets quality schooling, parents must invest both time and money in finding the best institutions they can afford.

Child care: is it an option for a family operating on a tight budget?


Enrolling your child at a leading child care centre can be a costly venture. Underspending might also leave you feeling guilty for compromising on your child’s expenses, especially when you are leaving them at the hand of strangers. To face the truth, you should manage your budget as a parent and give your children the best you can, which is why you should save money on child care in the following ways.

1. Flexi-time from your employer

Supposing your employer can allow you to work extra hours and take your breaks earlier on certain days, then this becomes a better option for you as a parent. By minimising working hours and juggling this responsibility with your spouse, you easily manage to pick your child up from daycare earlier to mitigate your expenses.

2. Team with other couples to share costs

You can always team up with the couples around with children almost the same age as your children to find a babysitter or nanny for hire. You can then alternate venues for hosting the children, giving you an easier time raising the money while ensuring your child is in the best hands.


3. Family members can help

Do not be overwhelmed with responsibilities when there is an option to call for assistance from your family members. Apart from spending a few hours at a daycare centre, your child can stay with a relative until you sign off from work. This is a better alternative other than the inconvenience to the family member; you may save a lot that would have otherwise been overspent on childcare facilities.

4.Working from home

Working from your home gives you the comfort of monitoring and caring for your young one, and is one of the more ideal situations. You will not have to pay hefty fees at the childcare when you only need them to babysit for a few hours before you pick your child up.


Discerning Babysitters from Nannies


As you proceed with your search for the ideal babysitter or daycare facility, it is important you understand how to differentiate between different caregivers under child care.

  • Babysitter – Could be a young or older adult that is available to watch the kids for a short duration. Usually, they are paid hourly and are not a great option for a permanent contract as their availability can be constantly challenged.
  • Nannies – Nannies are experienced and professional caregivers who can be relied on to watch over and attend to the needs of the child. They are also a bit expensive; however, they can be trusted to work for a longer period of time for almost over a year, depending on your negotiations.

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