Toddlers are known for their robust attitude. If there is something which your toddler can’t do is to sit still, they love to run and play around. So how do you encourage reading habits in a toddler? Well don’t worry, instilling reading habits in a child doesn’t need to be too difficult. Reading books in a certain way can help keep things lively and also help you catch the interest of your child.

The following tips from the experts at child care centre Townsville would help ensure that you child develops the right reading habits.

Don’t just expect them to sit still while you read aloud

The first thing which deters most parents from reading to their child is the fact that their child is not sitting still. They have a habit of moving around. Don’t be too bothered if your child is moving or jumping about as you read. It is something which is perfectly normal. They are moving continuously but their ears are open and they are listening.

Start with nursery rhymes

Make sure you keep repeating a nursery rhyme which your child seems to enjoy. Each child has a few favourite ones. In order to peak your child’s interest make sure you speak out a wrong word or pause before saying a certain word. They are bound to catch the mistake and would love to say the word on their own.

Choose books which are interesting

Book which features animal tend to be more interesting for children. Also books which feature machines are just as popular. Also there are book which are designed specifically for toddlers. For examples book with flaps or different textures help keep a child engaged. They want to engage in an interactive reading sessions make sure you read the book aloud in a variety of tones, even if it is just picture reading. The child would respond to the different tone of voice that you use.

Keep the reading sessions small

Children that age have a short attention span. Do not expect them to sit through a reading sessions lasting more than ten minutes. There shouldn’t be a great deal of text in the book. Choose one which has a few words but more pictures the bright and colourful pictures would help a child concentrate and do a bit of picture reading on their own as well. It’s always better to keep the sessions short.

Encourage role playing

Children love role play. You could encourage your child by setting up a zoo compromising of different stuffed animals. You can put your toddler in charge, also make sure you ask them a lot of questions. Make sure you listen to their answers carefully. Toddlers tend to be pretty opinionated. Let them speak out and share their ideas. Make this habit on a daily basis.

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