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The course of study is to access free and lasts 3 years full time or 4 or 6 years if you choose a part-time contract.

Study Plan

The training course is aimed at the construction of graduates able to work with technical-professional autonomy and judgment in the accompaniment of subjects in difficulty, even in the context of new immigration. In order to allow the acquisition of skills in contact with experiences in the professional field, through learning by doing, a traineeship activity is guaranteed in public bodies, third sector companies and private companies.


History Birth and development

At the end of the eighties, the academic bodies of the University of Milan set up a program to find new spaces to dedicate to innovative research activities in strategic sectors and to extend the educational offer also to disciplinary fields in which the intervention local public was absent.

Latest Articles

Learning Programs for Kindergarten Students

Children should start learning as early as possible. It’s true that each child can benefit from knowing the simple things – how to tie shoes, how to spell their first and last name, how to identify pictures and colours, and so forth before they come to Kindergarten. This will give them the head starts that they need in order to excel in new learning programs when they start a full-time school platform. The well-trained experts in learning in age-specific agendas are available throughout Australia.


This is more than just a daycare program. Children are exposed to exceptional learning programs that can make learning an easy journey. There are a variety of programs that the children are introduced to. Here are just a few:

  • Language and literacy development
  • Social Interaction
  • Emotional growth
  • Physical Education


Classrooms for the children are always equipped with age-appropriate materials that are used in teaching programs. Child-directed care is a doorway to successful learning for children as they enter the learning programs that they will face every day.

When looking for just the right kindergarten care for children, it’s important to know that they have a primary goal in educating their children in a progressive environment. Early learning programs are what can build a firm foundation for the child’s successive learning through high school ages.


Each child needs to be approached as a well of untapped potential. Watching and helping these little people expand and grow is a rewarding process. The goal of kindergarten experts is to make sure that each child is offered the best learning experiences available.


Succeeding in Early Learning


The main goal, of course, is to assist each child in being well-adjusted, successful adults. The first few years of a child’s life is when he or she is capable of learning most easily. This is also when important social skills are developed. These years are when the framework of a child’s growth potential is most fluid.


Learning new skills in health, social, and academics is paramount to the success of a child. With an exceptional kindergarten program, these skills are approached with the emphasis of fun, which makes learning so attractive. It’s imperative that the kindergarten that is chosen is able to enrich each day for every child, and is able to encourage daily growth.


Finding a program that is able to focus a child’s environment into early development while interlacing fun as an integral part of the program is just the first step. The whole emphasis of kindergarten is to prepare children for full-day school programs, helping them to easily adjust to a new learning environment with their peers.


The kindergarten chosen needs to also be proactive with parents as a huge part of their child’s schooling program. When encouraging the child to learn, involving the parents in the development of their child. This also creates an environment of trust and encourages the young student to look forward to learning with excitement and curiosity.


Making learning fun is what kindergarten is focused on. Finding the best program for each child is an enriching part of the parenting process. Involving parents and children to take part in the child’s learning adventure is a positive step forward, and makes learning fun! Look for Rosebery child care locations that are easily accessible to you.


Art Supply Stores in Melbourne

It just takes innovativeness, a creative ability, and an uncommon manual finesse to concoct a show-stopper, or as some others state, a perfect work of art in your very own right. Individuals will dependably reserve the option to censure whatever they feel don’t accommodate their style or taste, and the craftsman ought to dependably take analysis emphatically and take a gander at the more brilliant side of life. It’s nevertheless normal for individuals to be extremely difficult to please, and whatever level of exertion you exhaust on the things that you want to do, worriers will have the reason of making imperfections or escape clauses in your work.


A show-stopper will absolutely be terrible or fragmented particularly when you present a magnum opus where the materials you use are unacceptable or mediocre over the others. A specialist or a workmanship commentator will dependably have a remark about your work. This is basically the motivation behind why craftsmanship providers in Melbourne would prefer not to humiliate their clients at whatever point they have to buy something noteworthy. They have all that you need from a basic paintbrush to the tremendous painting canvas.


Business foundation or outline


A craftsmanship supply retail business applies the majority of the essential standards of retail deals; be that as it may, in light of the fact that it serves a specialty, you ought to have a distinct fascination and information of the fundamental history, materials, patterns, and phrasing of the expressive arts and artworks industry.


Nature of a specialty store


Craftsmanship supply stores in Melbourne does not just concentrate on crude materials that craftsmen use in doing or making their work yet, in addition, sells instant or high-quality things for people who have a characteristic love for workmanship. Workmanship memorabilia or uncommon accumulations are worth a significant penny, yet its incentive for individuals is inestimable, wistful and are unparalleled. A couple of fastidious purchasers don’t follow large scale manufacturing however for the innovation of things sold in a craftsmanship store in Melbourne,as well as all around the globe.

Online workmanship supply store


Business visionaries utilise the web or internet so as to advance their specialty items and administrations. By just making a site and setting up a protected instalment framework, items available to be purchased are shown through picture thumbnails alongside its item depiction and the comparing cost. It is a progressively helpful method for shopping where things sold could be conveyed by a messenger or guaranteed by and by the endless supply of entry or accessibility.


Physical store


In spite of the happening to new innovations in training, business and correspondences, the conventional or functional method for purchasing and selling are as yet alive starting today. Two critical reasons why customers or clients still like to do exchanges by and by depending on the possibility that, first, you get the opportunity to see and contact or look at the thing you are purchasing. The second significant justification is the way of paying for the things you need. Paying in real money, instead of using online options, particularly for touchy materials or things like workmanship supplies and other completed fine arts. In here, clients could check for deformities or harm and could propose a substitution or another request if the item isn’t observed to be fit for procurement.




Going for the two stores relies upon your right as a purchaser or a client. Whenever you visit Australia, ensure that you find art supply stores in Melbourne and take a look at their specialty supply.


Encouraging Reading Habits in Toddlers

Toddlers are known for their robust attitude. If there is something which your toddler can’t do is to sit still, they love to run and play around. So how do you encourage reading habits in a toddler? Well don’t worry, instilling reading habits in a child doesn’t need to be too difficult. Reading books in a certain way can help keep things lively and also help you catch the interest of your child.

The following tips from the experts at child care centre Townsville would help ensure that you child develops the right reading habits.

Don’t just expect them to sit still while you read aloud

The first thing which deters most parents from reading to their child is the fact that their child is not sitting still. They have a habit of moving around. Don’t be too bothered if your child is moving or jumping about as you read. It is something which is perfectly normal. They are moving continuously but their ears are open and they are listening.

Start with nursery rhymes

Make sure you keep repeating a nursery rhyme which your child seems to enjoy. Each child has a few favourite ones. In order to peak your child’s interest make sure you speak out a wrong word or pause before saying a certain word. They are bound to catch the mistake and would love to say the word on their own.

Choose books which are interesting

Book which features animal tend to be more interesting for children. Also books which feature machines are just as popular. Also there are book which are designed specifically for toddlers. For examples book with flaps or different textures help keep a child engaged. They want to engage in an interactive reading sessions make sure you read the book aloud in a variety of tones, even if it is just picture reading. The child would respond to the different tone of voice that you use.

Keep the reading sessions small

Children that age have a short attention span. Do not expect them to sit through a reading sessions lasting more than ten minutes. There shouldn’t be a great deal of text in the book. Choose one which has a few words but more pictures the bright and colourful pictures would help a child concentrate and do a bit of picture reading on their own as well. It’s always better to keep the sessions short.

Encourage role playing

Children love role play. You could encourage your child by setting up a zoo compromising of different stuffed animals. You can put your toddler in charge, also make sure you ask them a lot of questions. Make sure you listen to their answers carefully. Toddlers tend to be pretty opinionated. Let them speak out and share their ideas. Make this habit on a daily basis.

Buying Silk Scarves Online

A silk scarf can do wonders for an ordinary outfit. It not only looks great but can add an instant sophistication to even the most ordinary of dresses. The real silk scarves can be pretty expensive, therefore care must be taken when you plan on buying scarves online. There are certain things which should be kept in mind. These include all of the following:

  • When buying a silk scarf keep in mind that it should be designed from a high quality silk fabric only and not some imitation. For that you need to buy from a website which deals exclusively in silk scarves. While you may not be sure about what kind of product you would be getting, but you can surely check out the testimonials left by people who purchased things from the website. Good reviews mean that the seller is genuine and ensure that they deliver quality products.
  • As in buying from any store you just can’t see the fabric or feel it. You have to rely on what the manufacturer has mentioned on the website.
  • The major reason why people choose to shop online is simple. You can choose stuff right from the comfort of your home. You can look at a product all you want and then think and decide at your leisure whenever you want to make a purchase. There is no sales person standing behind you waiting for you to make a purchase. There is no rush and no hurry. So when buying a product online, make sure you take a look at the silk scarf all that you want.

  • Also keep in mind that every online store has a return policy. In case you don’t like the product you have to make sure they have a return policy. Make sure you read the fine print on the website when it comes to the return policy. Also you may not be returned the cash that you spent but you would be allowed to change the purchase by choosing another product from the catalogue.
  • Keep in mind that silk scarves come in a variety of sizes. Choose a scarf which complements your body shape. What may look good on the model online wouldn’t necessarily bring out the best in you. It all depends upon how a scarf is styled and how it looks.
  • You can also make sure that you avail any discounts which come with shopping online. Often the best part of shopping online is the amazing number of discounts you can get on different products.
  • Last but not the least before you buy a scarf online make sure you choose something which can fit your style and would look great in your wardrobe. While bright colours can definitely look good you can never actually go wrong with black, brown, white and grey. These are solid colours and can be worn whenever and wherever styled in different ways.

3 Reasons Your Child Deserves a Childcare Center


No matter how much we love our children, there is still the possibility of us not giving them sufficient time as they require. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to ensure we give them the time they deserve for fun, studies and even for food. Most of us have jobs, hundreds of household chores to complete and eventually need our peace of mind too.

In order to make sure our kids get sufficient attention to complete their school work and stay active too, it is significant to give them the time to nurture their skills. This can only be done when your child is given an opportunity to be fully creative and skillful in his capacity. A childcare center has to be your best bet in this case. If you’re doubtful about admitting your child to this center, have a look at the following pointers to reconsider:

1. Undivided Attention

In a childcare center, your child gets undivided attention from his teacher or guide in his class. He will be able to get attention, gain skill based learning and interact with the teacher. Childcare Perth city will ensure your child is able to grow in a comfortable environment and stay active throughout the day without feeling ignored.

2. Comfort to Interact and Engage

Our children feel more comfortable to experiment with new things and interact with kids their age. In order to provide them the environment they’re looking for, offering them a childcare center is the best option. A childcare center has multiple children belonging to the same age group, same classes and going through the same skill development.

Children are able to learn new things, make new friends and discover their skills without feeling shy in front of grown ups. Furthermore, they get more room to enjoy with their parents or guardians not hindering their growth.

3. An Affordable Friendly home

kids home

A childcare center becomes like a second home to your children. Instead of getting a nanny or babysitter who comes to your house, you’re giving your child the opportunity to play, learn and develop new skills based on his personal development. Not only that, you’re able to enjoy a relatively cost-effective solution to hiring a nanny.

Your child will be able to play, learn and enjoy being with more children his age. Childcare centers have children from the age of six months to five years. He will have a compatible environment for everyone to learn new things. You will be at a peace of mind when dealing with monetary end of the deal and you will get more things done at the house. There is nothing better than a well developed childcare center that allows your child an amazing time and skill development.

Health society

In alliance for the health and well-being of citizens
If we are in “health”, we have more chances to be happy. Each of us hopes to have good health for himself, for family members, for friends. It depends first of all on us, on our behavior, on factors such as education, work, the home, the standard of living and also on our choices for a fairer society to reduce and improve the differences between individuals and social groups ( disabled people, migrants, non self-sufficient elderly people.) It is a demanding job that is done first of all where people live, on the territory.

The Health companies, represent an unprecedented organizational solution of local assistance that develops the integration of the health system with the social assistance, pursues health and social well-being guaranteeing the integrated management of the need and the continuity of the care path and favors citizen participation by providing forms of participation with institutional and association representatives.

What are they? 
They are public non-profit entities, established by voluntary adhesion of the Municipalities of the same area-district and of the Local Health Authority, for the associated exercise of territorial, social-health and integrated social health activities. “Two regional laws of 2014, the 44 and the 45, identify two instruments to regulate the territorial structures integrated in each district area: the continuation of the Health Company or the signing of a health and social convention between all the municipalities of the district area and the reference Local Health Authority. For this reason, where health societies are not established, the exercise of social and health integration for non self-sufficiency and disability is carried out through a special agreement stipulated by all the municipalities of the district area and by thelocal health unit of the territory.

On the territory of Tuscany, there are currently 15 Health Societies and 11 District Areas without SDS which must sign the Social-Health Convention referred to in Article 70 bis of Regional Law 40/2005. 
In these organizations, professionals and health and social workers, the third sector and volunteer work side by side.

What do they deal

with? Health Companies, integrating the services and activities of Municipalities and Healthcare Companies, work to offer people unitary responses to socio-health and social needs and become the only interlocutor and gateway to local services. 
Based on data on the health status of the local population, the SDS describe the objectives and plan the territorial socio-health interventions to achieve them. Knowledge of the epidemiological characteristics of a territory and participation are themselves important factors for the health of the individual and the community.
They deal with lifestyles and health promotion and on the basis of data on the health status of the local population, describe the objectives and plan the territorial socio-health interventions, as well as those of the integrated system of interventions and social services that are the responsibility of local authorities. , to reach them. 
They organize and manage the social and health activities of non self-sufficiency and disability and the social assistance activities identified by the integrated regional health and social plan.

How they act and plan

The best result in terms of health is acted on everything that contributes to building health, from the environment, to urban planning, transport, school, etc. All that can not be answered by the health organization alone, but it can do so with the intervention of the Municipalities. 
The Integrated Health Plans represent the fundamental act with which the Health Companies program the objectives of health and wellbeing and care pathways, interpreted and implemented on the specific characteristics of each territory, define implementation actions and plan operational solutions and activate control tools, monitoring and evaluation.

The organs of the Health Society
Each company is equipped with 5 organs:

  1.  The Shareholders ‘ Meeting, composed of the general manager of the Usl company and the mayor or a member of the council of each member municipality
  2.  The President , who has the general representation
  3.  The Executive Committee usually consists of three members
  4.  The ollegio sindacale
  5.  The Director , who also acts as district-area manager

The members of the bodies are not entitled to any compensation, with the exception of the director and the board of auditors. The Director of the Health Society is also the person in charge of the corresponding Health District, exercising the two roles in a contextual manner, without duplicating functions or compensation. The Chairman, the Statutory Auditors and the Assessors who make up the shareholders’ meeting and the executive committee carry out these functions in the exercise of their mandates.

Society of individuals or community of people?

This article – which makes explicit and complete the meaning that we wanted to give the title of our blog – is complementary to the post “We are individuals or people?”, Appeared on this site a few days ago.
In it we said:
“… the terms individual and person … hide two different ways of thinking about man.The concept of individual indicates a world closed in on itself, that of a person conceives the identity of each person in a dialogic way. , as a result of relationships “.
In continuity with this thesis we propose a distinction – intentionally radicalized – between the meanings of society (of individuals) and of community (of people).

We accompany this post with the images of the works of Pavel Filonov (1883-1941), painter of the Russian Avant-garde, unknown until 1988 – or up to the perestroika of Gorbachev – because he was opposed and censured by the Soviet power who never wanted to expose the production to the public. Today he is considered the great master of analytical painting and one of the most prestigious names in contemporary art.

There is a strong need for sociality in all of us and in all of our contemporary world. Our society consists of myriads of large and small companies of all kinds, of all sizes and sizes. Every day we see the pullover of old and new associations, groups, clubs, clubs, movements, meeting centers. Being in society is part of life itself: every man and every woman, from birth, apprenticeship of the society in progression: in the family, in the school, oratory, in peer groups, in the neighborhood or township, up, up to the national and supranational dimension of the global village.

Every form of these societies is permeated by the necessity of giving itself a functional organization, which requires stability, reassuring continuity of relationships and rules that are somehow recognized, accepted and in any case endured by their members.

But what is the nature of these very heterogeneous forms of association?

We articulate the discourse through a provocation: the opposition society of individuals – community of people. Society is a polysemic term and indicates, according to differentiated degrees and diversified forms, aggregation of interests and individuals. It is reality everywhere widespread. The community is instead a univocal term and indicates a union of people: it exists and has existed in the minds and hearts of many, but in a complete way it has not yet been historically realized except in small communities and still represents today. utopia unrealizable, but a model and a directive ideal.